We offer a full line of prescription diets and nutritional supplements. We also offer preventive products for internal and external parasites.

Our staff are trained nutritional counselors, having completed extensive continuing education, on our complete line of veterinary diets.

We proudly carry Medi-Cal and Royal Canin. Visit our office or call for details.

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Seasonal Tip

Heat Stroke — It takes just minutes in the summer sun for the inside of a car to reach into the 30's and above, even with the windows open. Do not leave your animal in the car if you are not in it - even a couple of minutes can prove fatal. Also, remember that it's great when your dog accompanies you for your summer activities, but fresh cold water is essential. Dogs quickly dehydrate in hot weather, as we do, but they can't ask for water. If you suspect your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion/stroke seek veterinary attention immediately!